Products - Advance E-Commerce

AI Based Search

Search based on artificial intelligence to give more user-friendly experience.

Search Based Scanning Products

Take a snap of any product and start searching immediately of what it is.

Placing Order through voice or chat

Take a snap of any product and start searching immediately of what it is.


FAQ Bot finds best questions and answers automatically from user contributed and official records.

Dashboard for Admin

Business owners get a clear overview of the business, Sales Report, Coupon Generation.

Dashboard for Vendors

Vendor dashboard helps sellers/business entity to list & manage their products.

Single Vendor E-Com

Orders & Returns

Easily manage your orders, returns in the order management.

Listings Manager

List your products for sale by categories and collections.


Get Invoice, delivery slip generated for shipping and delivery.

Offers & Coupons

Create coupon codes for product discounts, cash-backs, etc.

Sales & GST Reports

Find sale peeks and downs, analytics and tax paid for every product.

Shipping All Over India

Easily ship your products and track your order status via tracking ID.

Safe & Secure

Protected by HTTPS. Backed by Aroliant’s Security.


Update number of product units in stock on inventory manager.

iOS & Android App

Native Apps development on iOS, Android and Web.

Multi Vendor E-Com

Seller Payments Manager

Manage payouts for every product sold by the sellers along with shipping & tax.

Commissions Manager

Manage commissions you receive from your sellers using the dashboard.

Advertising Manager

Boost your daily revenue by enabling Ads Manager on the dashboard.

Admin to Seller Chat

Messenger supports all types of features needed for communication.


Claims help to solve issues between sellers and customers effectively.